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Please Accept Class Registration Terms and Conditions:

Rady School of Management Terms and Conditions:
-UPS students can take only undergraduate level classes at Rady (numbered under 200); UPS students cannot take graduate level classes (numbered MGT200+).
-Not all classes listed on the UCSD “Schedule of Classes” will be open to UPS students. Class offerings are at the discretion of the department.
-Receiving an email that a seat is available in a Rady class does not guarantee you a seat. Only a stamp on a concurrent enrollment card guarantees a seat in a class.
-Professors cannot stamp concurrent enrollment cards or allow entry into a class. You can only get stamps from the Rady Undergraduate Advising office.
-We must give UCSD students the first opportunity to enroll.
-We cannot guarantee that a seat will become available or predict your chances of getting a seat.
-If a seat does not become available by Friday of Week 3, you will not be able to enroll.
-Please note that the UPS/Extension student waitlist is separate from any waitlists that you see on the UCSD Schedule of Classes.
-UCSD Rady School of Management does not process any fee payments for UPS/ Extension students. Prices for classes are set to $0.00 and students will not be charged by Classtrack or Rady.
-All questions about UPS/ Extension enrollment in Rady undergraduate classes should be directed to undergrad@rady.ucsd.edu.
-Rady School of Management reserves the right to make any necessary changes to enrollment policies and procedures.