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Rady School of Management

Hi Extension/ UPS students!
We know many of you are interested in taking classes at UCSD's Rady School of Management and you can use this site to create a profile and add your name to classes you are interested in.
Please direct all questions to undergrad@rady.ucsd.edu.

Class Registrations

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Thank you for your interest in the Rady School of Management. We are happy to allow Extension students to enroll in our undergrad classes if there are open seats.

You should create a profile on this site by clicking "SIGN UP" at the top of the page or under the icon on the left. Your email address will be your username and you should create a password. Once you have a profile, you can add your name to a waitlist or register for a class with open seats. You will get an email confirmation when you are offered a seat in a class. If you are on a waitlist, then you will get an email if/ when a seat becomes available.

Please refer to UCSD’s Schedule of Classes for more information on our course offerings, including descriptions of our classes, what time classes meet, and what room they meet in.
Search for “MGT” in the subject field (not "MGTF").

Click here to access PAST syllabi

Click here to see a Prediction List for this quarter *updated for Winter 2018 yet - refresh page.

List of Important Dates for 2017-2018 *Be sure to refresh page.

The Rady Undergraduate Office is located on the second floor of Otterson Hall at Rady School of Management. Use this map to find your way around on campus.

Winter 2018 key dates:
Classtrack goes live on Tuesday, Dec. 5th at 8am for registering for Winter 2018 classes (to claim a seat in a sponsored class or wait list for a non-sponsored class).

First round of stamping for sponsored classes:
*** Tuesday, January 9th and Wednesday, January 10th (8:30am - 4pm)
UPS/ Extension students can get a stamp on their concurrent enrollment card for SPONSORED classes. There are three sponsored classes per quarter. Note: Sponsored means that there are some seats reserved for only UPS students. Students must have a Registration Confirmation email for the class to be eligible for a stamp. Students that do not get a stamp on their concurrent enrollment card by 4:00pm on Wednesday, January 10th will be dropped from the list and your seat will be offered to another student.

Second round of stamping for most classes:
*** Wednesday, January 16th and Thursday, January 17th (8:30am - 4pm)
UPS/ Extension students can start getting stamps for NON-SPONSORED MGT classes (most classes are non-sponsored). Non-sponsored means that there are no seats reserved for UPS students. Students will get an email notifying them that they are eligible for a stamp (based on availability).

Third/ last round of stamping for classes:
*** Tuesday, January 23rd and Wednesday, January 24th (8:30am - 4pm)
Stamping for sponsored and non-sponsored classes (based on availability).

Tips and Notes:
- Students must get a stamp on their concurrent enrollment card and submit that card to Extension to be officially enrolled in a class.
- Professors cannot stamp enrollment cards.
- UPS students cannot enroll in MGT173 or any graduate courses.
- Sponsored means some seats are reserved for UPS/ Extension students.
Non-sponsored means there are no seats reserved.
- If you are no longer interested in a class, remove yourself from either the waitlist or the roster. You can perform those actions in "My Classes" and "My Wait Lists." Your seat can go to another student.
- Having trouble? Check out "How to Use Classtrack" and "Frequently Asked Questions".

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